I maintain several extensions that help integration Joomla with CiviCRM. They can be downloaded from GitHub.

  • CiviAuthenticate plugin: Set authentication rules to require membership in good standing in order to login, or to assign Joomla access groups based on membership type or status.
  • CiviEvent module: Module that lists events from CiviCRM. Provides numerous settings for filtering the list and choosing how it will be displayed.
  • CiviCRM Group/Sync component/plugin: Build rules that will sync a user's Joomla access groups with CiviCRM groups. Triggers when a person is added/removed from a group in either Joomla or CiviCRM.

If you find any bugs with these extensions, please file a ticket in the GitHub issue tracker within the appropriate repository. If you are looking to extend the functionality with new features, please contact me through the contact form to discuss specifications and costs.