CiviDiscount Primer

CiviDiscount is a popular extension for CiviCRM that provides tools for building coupon-code and automated discounts for event registrations and memberships. It has flexible and powerful options, but not the most intuitive interface. This primer will walk through the key steps in constructing a discount record.

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Importing Contributions

This article, in many ways, is an extension of my earlier article about importing activities. Many of the principles and key considerations are the same. Rather than repeat the content of that article at length, I'll simply refer you to it where the principles and recommendations are the same.

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Importing Activities (and Contacts)

Activity records are an incredibly useful and flexible tool for tracking engagement with constituents. The ability to create new activity types and extend them with custom fields provides an easy way to store information about your constituent's involvement and interaction with your organization in a customized way.

Quite often those points of interaction will happen outside of the database, and may be collected in spreadsheets or other data export formats which must be imported into CiviCRM. In this article, we'll walk through the steps and considerations when importing activity records. This article is not exhaustive; it's goal is to touch on key matters to consider when doing an activity import.

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